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We Had an Art Show!

Another CovArts year is almost gone, and we are so excited to look ahead to the summer and all of the amazing activities we get to do with the Parks and our Summer Camps; but first a look back at the kids amazing efforts at our Spring Art Show. In addition to the kids individual art pieces, we also worked on some collaborative art: a huge dragon with scales that the kids made with the help of some salad spinners, and a koi pond made with origami waterlilies and koi fish painted with some alternative paint applications.

Here we have the process of our dragon: Named Lupita by one of our students, she was made with paper plate scales decorated with thinned out tempera paint dropped into a salad spinner, and the kids absolutely loved it! We kept the station open for four weeks and they were still not bored of it! There was no way to do it wrong, any combination of colors worked, and we even added some glitter glue for a fun effect.

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