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Continuous Line Cupcakes


This is a super easy drawing project for any age; there is lots of room to inject your own creativity into it as well by playing with different colors and shapes.

The important thing to remember for this project is that your whole cupcake should be one line with no breaks, we have given you two shapes to start, but you can play around and come up with your own shape as well. It is always ok to erase, or even try something and decide you don’t like it and throw it out and start again. You have unlimited do-overs in art, so don’t be afraid to try something different, it might work and that’s amazing! Or it might not work and that’s ok too.


Here are our finished cupcakes! We would love to see yours as well! Send us a picture of you with your art via email or messenger, we will be featuring some of our many talented artists every Sunday on Instagram and Facebook with a Pic-of-the-week!

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